BT adds 94,000 new customers to its Vision service

Telecoms company BT has added 94,000 new customers to its Television service in the first three months of 2008 according to figures released yesterday in its quarterly results report.

The service, called BT Vision, offers both Video on Demand via a traditional DSL broadband connection and Freeview channels depending on your location.

BT Vision now serves 250,000 customers who access the Video On Demand service on average once every day, which is more than twice the amount it had at the end of 2007.

BT hopes to increase the number of Vision customers by 15 fold as it introduces a new generation of set top boxes manufactured by Pace, capable of of recording up to 80 hours of content.

The company has also added 150,000 customers to its broadband services and now serves 4.4 million users, making it one of the biggest internet service providers in the country.

In addition, its total revenues for the first three months of the year is approaching £5.5 billion while profits have reached £814 million, a 7 percent jump which underlines better efficiency from the ex-telecoms monopoly.