Flash Player 10 contains Adobe's Advanced Content P2P Plans

Adobe could become one of the biggest content distributors overnight thanks to its newly released Flash 10 player which contains some very interesting P2P features including the ability to save files locally.

According to Gigaom, the media company purchased a small P2P called Amicima back in January 2007, which brought in some serious P2P know-how in the firm.

Om Malik reckons that the impact of Adobe on the online media publishing and distribution sector could be dramatic especially for companies like Akamai, Joost or Babelgum.

The application, codenamed Astro, is still in beta and is very popular with online video and audio websites like Youtube or Dailymotion which use it to deliver content to their users.

A Flash P2P service would be a killer feature for content distributors since it would allow media to be distributed quickly, easily and at a cheaper cost.

The new Flash 10 also promises 3D effects which can convert 2D images into 3D models, dynamic audio support as well as an engine for text rendering and inbuilt hardware acceleration.