O2's joint announcement means 3G iPhone is behind the door

Apple and Telefonica, O2's parent company, will have a joint announcement in the next few weeks according to O2 Telefonica Europe boss Matthew Key.

He refused to say whether 3G iPhones will be part of the agenda but did tease the audience though by saying that they were out of 8GB iPhones and had a few 16GB models left, a sign that prompted analysts to expect a release sooner rather than later.

Key also added that he was quite happy with the revenue-sharing deal that O2 has with Apple despite the fact that Apple might review the exclusive agreement that it has with the British network operator.

Spanish company, Telefonica, is a major operator in a number of countries worldwide mainly in Europe and in Latin America.

Apple is widely believed to be planning a worldwide launch for the 3G iPhone in a bid to shatter the 10 million target it set itself and not only please its investors but also to boost its coffers and its share prices substantially.

The 3G iPhone is expected to be launched by Steve Jobs at the forthcoming Apple Worldwide Developer Conference in San Francisco.