Podcast : The Cloud'y future of Wireless Broadband

In this week's connectivity podcast, Ben Chai interviews Owen Geddes, Director of Business Development at the Cloud.

In this exclusive podcast, Owen Geddes looks at the benefit of the Cloud to business travellers and future developments for the Cloud.

You can download this podcast here.

The Cloud are a company who run Wi-Fi broadband internet hotspots at over 8500 locations across Denmark, Germany, Norway, Sweden and the United Kingdom.

They have also signed a contract with mobile phone operator O2 in the UK, to provide "unlimited" (1GB fair usage amounts apply) "free" access to the internet for Apple iPhone users who are signed to an O2 iPhone contract in the UK as well as iTouch users.

They also offer Wi-Fi services to all other Wi-Fi compliant enabled divices. They are usually found in or around town / city centres and are also found in some hotels, public houses, cafe's and shops.

This Podcast is sponsored by www.lanix.co.uk and You can find out more about the special connectivity offers by visiting www.lanix.co.uk