RS Components ripped off for 18 grand

If you're an IT veteran like yours truly, it's likely you'll have ordered electronic goodies from RS Components in Nuneaton, but it seems that one of the mail order store's employees has been lifting stuff and flogging it on eBay.

According to a report in the Coventry Telegraph (where else? -Ed), Grant Ross, aged 37, has been given a suspended sentence and community service for his activities, as well as having to pay back 18 grand to his employers.

In a hearing at Warwick Crown Court, Ross was found guilty of nicking stuff from RS Components which the court said has more than 130,000 items in its vast warehouse.

Managers became suspicious last year when they stuff starting going walkies, and were tipped off that the stuff was being sold on eBay.

According to the paper, Ross was caught out in a sting, after one of the managers successfully bid for a mobile phone on the Web site which was identical to one RS Components stocked.

And since Ross worked at the warehouse, it didn't take a genius to work out what had happened...