Windows Threatened By Embarked Linux OS On Motherboards

Asus has brokered a deal with DeviceVM to include embedded Linux Operating System on Asus motherboards as from next month.

While component manufacturers have been giving out free software including Linux distribution on shiny discs for some time already, it is the first time that a mainstream hardware firm is actually putting Linux IN its products.

And it is made more significant by the fact that the move was made by the world's biggest motherboard manufacturer, Asus, who has promised to deliver one million Splashtop enabled motherboard per month.

Twelve Asus motherboards currently come with Splashtop onboard which have been rebranded Express Gate and provides the users with an almost instant access to the internet and other applications without having to wait.

Splashtop complements rather than replace the user's operating system and DeviceVM has already confirmed that it is in discussions with other companies to get system vendors and OEMs to implement Splashtop in their computers and laptops.

Apart from the obvious time advantage, Splashtop could be the ideal software companion for Ultra Cheap, Ultra Portable laptops and yet another thorn in Microsoft's side.