Asus Striker II Extreme Review

So what does this mean to the average person? Not a whole lot! But, to enthusiasts and gamers, the 790i Ultra SLI chipset offers the promise of incredible overclocking capabilities, built-in support for DDR3 2000MHz memory, Tri-SLI or Quad SLI with qualifying video cards, an all new chipset, full support for 45nm Penryn and Wolfdale processors, and more.

After somewhat disappointing results from the 780i chipset (which was just a 680i chipset with PCI-E 2.0 added on for good measure), expectations are that the 790i Ultra chipset will actually perform better than its earlier sibling.

Since the 790i chipset uses only DDR3 memory, running 4GB of high performance memory does require a substantial financial commitment to the new memory standard, as 4GB of performance DDR3 will claim $350+ from the budget.

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