Aussie pensioner's WiFi hack costs him a grand

If you are on a PAYG broadband Internet connection, spare a thought for Brian Kennedy, a pensioner from down under, who has been hit by a bill for A$2,000 - about a grand in UK terms - after someone tapped into his insecure WiFi connection.

Kennedy, who is aged 72, started his Big Pond WiFi broadband service back in January and normally pays A$60 - about 30 quid - for the facility,

According to the Aussie newswires, his first two bills came in as expected, but when he opened the third bill he said he nearly had a heart attack. "I can't afford that - it's absolutely bloody ridiculous,'' he said.

He has filled out a `bill query' form and is awaiting a response, although the newswires say that Telstra - which operates the Big Pond service - is planning to work with the pensioner on the bill.

Easy payments anyone?...