Gordon Brown Puts A Spin On Question Time By Going Online

The British Prime Minister is taking the Question Time session online by making use of Youtube; he will be answering video questions sent to the Downing Street Youtube page by the general public in UK only.

Although this has been put forward as a regular event, there's no promise that it will last but Mr Brown seems to be inclined to improve his communications with internet users and Youtube has been one of his preferred channels.

On a video posted on the Youtube Page, he added : "Politicians get a chance in prime minister's question time and other question times - I think it's time the public had a chance".

Interested parties have until the 21st of June to submit their questions and vote for their favourites questions which will then be answered by the end of June.

Earlier this month, details emerged that 10 Downing Street was considering a series of events to improve the Prime Minister's communications with the public including an X-factor like series.

Interestingly, Tony Blair occupies the first two spots in the list of most viewed Downing Street videos on Youtube.