Mozilla releases Firefox RC1, getting ready for an IE8 bash event

14,000 : that's the number of updates that Mozilla has brought to the latest version open source browser, Firefox, which has just been pushed out of the door as a Release Candidate, which means that the final version is not far.

Most of the updates were related to performance and stability improvements as well as making Firefox more efficient when it comes to memory management - still one of Firefox's main weaknesses.

Firefox 3 RC1, which has been in development for nearly three years, now incorporates the Gecko 1.9 Engine which should make the browser display pages even faster.

Mike Schroepfer, Head honcho of Engineering at Mozilla Foundation, reckons that Firefox is ten times faster than Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 and three times quicker than Firefox 2 when it comes to web applications like Google Mail or Zoho Office.

Some of the major features of this release are one click site info (actually, you have to click two times to get more information) which displays an extensive list of data including the number of times you visited a particular website.

Firefox 3 RC1 also incorporates a number of security functionalities like more tighter antivirus integration, Malware protection, a new web forgery protection page, new SSL error pages as well as an updated add-ons and plugin version checker which get rid of older, insecure versions.

You can download Firefox 3 RC1 by clicking here.