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MSI RX3870-T2D512E OC Videocard Review

In the meantime, gamers are enjoying attractive price points nearly across the board, and unlike days of yesteryear, enthusiasts needn't plunk down $600+ for a high end gaming experience. Remarkably, AMD's HD 3870 has nestled into the $150ish tier, unheard of territory for a high performance part.

Built on a 55nm manufacturing process, AMD's RV670 core puts the company's graphics division back in the same ballpark as Nvidia, and then ups the ante by adding DirectX 10.1 support, a claim Nvidia can't currently make.

Combined with the low street pricing, the HD 3870 has suddenly become a very compelling solution. But is it enough to stave off the urge to wait? We intend to find out as we get our game on with MSI's RX3870-T2D512E OC.

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