Qualcomm acquires L-band spectrum in the UK for £8.3 million

Qualcomm Inc. just announced its acquisition of 40 MHz of the L-Band radio spectrum that was auctioned some days ago by Ofcom, the UK communications regulator. This auction fetched the UK communications regulator £8.3 million.

This acquisition would allow Qualcomm to introduce a wide range of innovative wireless technology to the UK, in collaboration with its partners.

The MD, UK, Qualcomm Europe, Inc. said that winning this license will allow the company to explore new business models and provide advanced mobile technologies to the consumers.

The L-Band spectrum is technologically neutral and covers the whole of the UK. Hence, it will make it easier for Qualcomm to introduce innovative technologies in response to the current market needs in the UK.

Andrew Gilbert, Executive VP (Qualcomm) and President (MediaFLO Technologies, Qualcomm Internet Services, and Qualcomm Europe) added that the acquisition of this L-Band spectrum will enable Qualcomm to explore, design, develop, and test various new wireless services and technologies that will be of considerable assistance to the company’s European costumers and the wireless industry as a whole.

This acquisition is definitely slated to help Qualcomm and its partners to take the world of wireless technology to the next level of innovation.