The SOCA Report Highlights The Crime-Busting Agency's Success

A report describing the work carried out by the SOCA (Serious Organised Crime Agency) in the past twelve months has highlighted some of the successes that the agency has achieved.

In operation Ajowan for example, SOCA helped in dismantling a criminal gang which had set up a website where bank, credit and identity details were stolen which could have been used to siphon up to £6 million from financial institutions.

In another instance, SOCA foiled an operation which aimed at stealing up to £10 million by using an advanced Trojan horse malware; the losses in this particular case were limited to £265,000.

SOCA has also served as a security beacon for UK businesses sending out 46 alerts over the past 12 months including a number to financial institutions.

These achievements though may not help to allay the fears that the UK Government has given up on e-crime following the merging of the National High Tech Crime Unit with SOCA, whose focus is on drug trafficking, fraud, immigration crime and gun crime.

But a spokesperson for SOCA has rejected the claims that e-crime is not being considered a priority adding that a team of 58 full time specialists are working in an e-crime unit within SOCA and that they are in touch with 140 liaison officers across the world.