Spanish police arrest team of super hackers

The Spanish police caught five hackers who are said to be among the most active hackers on the Internet.

The Spanish police have succeeded in capturing five hackers from Burgos, Barcelona, Valencia, and Malaga.

The police state that these five hackers are among the most active hackers on the Internet in the recent times and are so skilled that even hacking into high-security Web sites is a piece of cake for them.

Thus far, these five hackers have been known to collectively hack into and disrupt even the highly secure government sites of countries in Asia and Latin America and of the United States.

The Spanish police set out looking for them after a Spanish political party lodged a complaint that the party’s Web site was disabled by unauthorized personnel following the elections in Spain. The investigation of this case began in March this year.

During the investigation, the Spanish police found out that the five hackers had coordinated excellently amongst themselves over the Internet and were able to successfully hack into more than twenty thousand Web sites in a period of just about two years. Further, what is more surprising is that the five accused include two sixteen-year olds.

All the five hackers accused were arrested from Burgos, Barcelona, Valencia, and Malaga this week and are awaiting trial.