AMD back in the fray with brand new Gaming platform

Platforms are a great way of marketing your products and AMD is trying to do just that with the release of the GAME! Program which, it hopes, will boost its sales and help sell more chipsets, video card and CPUs.

AMD's research pointed out that two thirds of desktops and laptops sold in the past year were not powerful enough to delivery "a great gaming experience" and the GAME! scheme actually tries to solve this issue, arguably to AMD's advantage.

For a computer to qualify as a GAME! PC, it will have to include any relatively recent AMD processor except Semprons together with a 3000-series graphics card which means that most recent AMD systems will fit the GAME! label and will perform well in most games and at average resolutions.

AMD has signed a number of manufacturing partners whose task will simply be to stick .... a sticker outside a case; Acer, AMD and Logitech but no Dell or HP.

There has been a number of similar schemes by AMD and Intel in the past; the Centrino Platform was a successful venture for Intel while AMD Live! was all but forgotten.