Facebook Denied Access To Google Friend Connect Because Of User Privacy Violation

Facebook developer Charlie Cheever announced on the site that since Friend Connect works on the principle of redistributing user content without prior permission from the user, Facebook will not be supporting the project as of now.

Charlie Cheever, a Facebook developer, recently announced on the Facebook Developer’s noticeboard on this social-networking site, that Facebook will not be joining hands with the Internet giant Google’s Friend Connect project as of now.

In the statement, Cheever said that since the developers at Facebook have had the opportunity to evaluate the technology behind Friend Connect following the launch of the project by Google, they are not too happy with the idea.

Cheever said that Google’s Friend Connect works on the idea of redistributing user information to other developers without the prior consent of the user.

This is in violation of Facebook’s Terms of Service and does not respect the privacy standards set by the site.

However, Cheever also said that Facebook Connect, Google Friend Connect, and MySpace’s Data Availability could be united to give users a more holistic and secure online experience, while respecting their privacy.

The three giants need to work together towards making the Internet a more transparent social-networking place, where their users can share their personal information and interact with one another without the fear of any violation of their privacy.