Global prices of Business Broadband shoot up

A quarterly report compiled by research company Point Topic showed that the average price of a Business DSL package crept up to $227 per month, a worrying 23 percent increase, with downstream speeds increasing by only 3 percent to slightly more than 4.1 Mbps.

Residential DSL offers have also suffered a price increase, albeit on a smaller scale; on average, prices went up by 9.3 percent to $61.36, a clear sign that Internet Service Providers are trying to get their customers on more lucrative and faster internet deals in order to increase their ARPU (Average Revenue Per User).

Latin America underwent the most significant speed changes with average downstream residential and business speeds increased by 36% to 2,737 Kbps and 40% to 2,995 Kbps respectively as some local ISPs introduce top end high speed internet connections.

At the other end of the spectrum, several broadband companies have slashed the prices of their entry level package; O2's owner, Telefonica, shaved a substantial 36 percent off its ADSL Mini 1 Mbps service to $24.80 in a bid to get more customers to shed dial-up connections

Point Topic also noted that the depreciation of the US Dollar could have been a major cause in the apparent increase in DSL price.