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New £200millon Data Centre Opens In Wales

£200million have been invested by Next Generation Data to create one of Europe's largest and most technically advanced data centres.

Known as NGD 1, the 70,000 sq metre facility, which has been leased from the Welsh Assembly Government, is divided into 18 private halls with dedicated infrastructure, making it ideal for companies who want to store large volumes of data in a highly secure, green environment which can guarantee abundant power now and into the future.

NGD 1 has a dedicated power supply with a direct connection to a Primary Substation with a 400,000 volt output, giving clients the ability to site power hungry applications like blade servers in high volumes.

From initial concept to build out the data centre was designed to maximise the latest green technologies and to ensure that the facility's carbon footprint remains as low as possible by using free air cooling as standard, motion sensors for all lighting and by opting for Energy Star Equipment.

"Global demand for data centres is accelerating due to the rapid and continued growth of e-business but space is running out fast, especially in London where power availability is reaching critical mass," explained Simon Taylor, Chairman, Next Generation Data. .""As a result, many Blue Chip companies are looking outside of London to store non time critical information; NGD1 is the ideal facility for this. It has state of the art collocation capabilities which will give businesses access to the information they want, when they want it. It also has enough power and space for the next 10 years, making it a future-proof choice."

The building is protected by double-skinned walls, fencing with Infra Red detection, as well as a biometric system with fingerprint and retina recognition.

The facility will have a 24x7 manned gate house with security patrols as well as anti tailgating doors to prevent any unauthorised vehicles entering the compound.

"Data Centres are the motorways of the 21st Century. They encourage economic development in the same way that motorways did in the 20th Century and the railways in the 19th Century. They are an absolutely critical tool for economic growth, and that's why I am so pleased that we have secured this development," commented Wales' First Minister, Rhodri Morgan. "This major investment will create up to 100 high skilled jobs, and is a big vote of confidence in Wales

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