Samsung moves ahead of Sony, signs a deal with LG Electronics

Samsung introduced a new LCD display panel at the 2008 International Symposium of the Society for Information Display this weekend.

This new LCD panel is 82 inches in size and has been designed especially for the 120 Hz television sets.

Moreover, although this new 82-inch LCD panel has a resolution of 3840 × 2160 pixels, it supports ultra definition and uses an LED backlight in order to provide better contrast and sharper colours.

This is perhaps one field of business in which Samsung has left its archrival Sony way behind.

Further, Samsung has already signed a deal with another of its rivals, LG Electronics, which states that these two companies would purchase panels from each other.

According to this deal, Samsung will purchase the 37-inch LCDs that are manufactured by LG Display, and LG Display will, in turn, buy the 52-inch panels from Samsung.

They have agreed that they would buy panels made in Taiwan in order to keep costs down and, at the same time, protect their market shares.

This deal is also supposed to help get rid of the bottlenecks that both Samsung and LG are facing because of the increasing demand.