Smart meter could make Data Centres even greener

BizzEnergy is trying to capture a larger chunk of the lucrative energy sector by betting on its smart meter which gathers electricity usage and sends it to the utility company.

The company, which has to compete with much bigger firms like British Gas or EDF, reckons that smart meters could make estimated bills a thing of the past as every bill would be an accurate reflection of the previous month's usage.

This means that Data centres or any other tech related power hungry installations, would be capable of finding out within hours if there is any problems associated with power consumption.

Companies are then able to analyse the data to determine when they use the most electric and how they can save power rather than having to wait for the end of a quarter.

BizzEnergy has also introduced a new billing system which will help smaller businesses streamline their invoice payment by reducing the need for paper invoices through a XML system.

The XML system changes the way that billing data is transmitted by using modern, inexpensive Internet based technology providing a future proof alternative to the existing EDI industry format.