Sumvision NetBox 3.5" Network Storage Enclosure - £29.99

Just as a router allows you to share a single Internet connection without the need for any particular computer to be turned on, a NAS (Network Attached Storage) hard drive allows you to share a drive full of data without needing any particular computer to be turned on.

The device is available from SVP for only £29.99

- Provides an instant share of photos, videos, music and data over your network using built-in Network Attached Storage (NAS) technology
- Easy configuration using the web-based management application with no additional software installation required
- Built-in Samba server for cross platform transfer amongst different operating systems
- Built in NFS server - for native linux platform
- Built-in FTP server to provides data transfer over the internet
- Easy installation, support cost is low, suitable for home or office networks
- Can be used as a standard USB2.0 hard drive enclosure
- USB Host enables transfer of files from USB devices

- Interface: USB2.0 (USB1.1 backwards compatible)
- Supply power: Input 100V-240V 50-60HZ 1.0A; Output 12V/5V 2A
- Supported hard drive formats: 3.5" SATA & IDE (up to 750GB)
- Supported hard drive file format: FAT /NTFS /EXT3

Supported Operting Systems:
- Windows 98, ME, 2000, XP, Vista
- Linux/Unix

Included Accessories:
- AC cable
- Power Adapter
- RJ45 cable
- Driver disk
- USB cable
- Screwdriver + installation screws
- User manual