AntiPhormLite: Your Protection from Phorm

A privacy group recently launched a software application that would create irrelevant data to cover a use’s surfing habits and protect him/her from Phorm.

A privacy group called the AntiPhorm group has released a new software application called AntiPhormLite that will make the data collected by the Phorm advertising service from a user’s computer a worthless collection of numbers.

This group describes itself as ‘a loose conglomeration of concerned individuals comprised of artists, programmers, and designers’ who want to protect a user’s privacy and prevent ISPs from making a profit out of their user’s personal Internet surfing habits.

The website of the group claims that the increase in the data mining, user profiling, logging of a user’s surfing habits on the global scale is a matter of immediate concern.

In order to substantiate their point, the members of the group said that BT expects to make itself an additional $170 million every year just by harvesting the information that a user’s divulges every time he/she surfs the Internet.

The AntiPhorm software that the group has developed would simply sit around in the background and visit random websites; this, in turn, would create background noise that would cover the user’s real interests and surfing habits.

BT, Virgin and Carphone Warehouse have all been link to the controversial data-harvesting scheme.

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