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Big Brother database in the news - don't make me laugh

I nearly fell off my chair laughing last night when I heard about the future about the government asking telcos, cellcos and ISPs to log all the `calls' made by UK punters for at least 12 months.

Sorry guys, but this information has been logged since the 1980s by our good pals in the US using a computer network called Echelon.

Just as the Yanks log all the call info in the UK, so we, in turn, log all the info for the Yanks here in the UK via Menwith Hill in North Yorkshire, as well as a number of backup sites in the remote reaches of Scotland. Allegedly

By logging data for each other, each country neatly side-steps the awkward legal issues such as the Interception of Communications Act, and other pesky legislation.

My esteemed colleague Duncan Campbell wrote about Echelon back in the 1980s and had his office plus personal life turned upside down by agency peeps from GCHQ and the Secret Services.

I've written about Echelon many times since then, but nothing untoward has happened to me, I'm pleased to say.

You can read more about Echelon here, here and here.

You'll then realise what a farce the current predictions about a Big Brother-style future really is.

Shades of plausible deniability...