JVC releases Youtube-Compatible Camcorder

Japan Victor Company or JVC, part of the Huge Matsushita Conglomerate, has released a camcorder that would allow budding producers to record and upload videos to Youtube by clicking on one touch.

The Everio S Series GZ-MS100 even comes with a "Youtube One Touch Upload" stickers on one side and records on an SD card rather than having a built-in hard disk drive like most of the competition.

This means that the camcorder is only a fraction of others' weight and its overall storage capacity can be boosted or multiplied - just pop in a cheap and empty SD card to start recording.

Recording in Youtube mode limits the recording time to 10 minutes and resize the video to suit Youtube's restriction; the original video remains on the SD card which means that it can be used at a later stage.

The MS100 is scheduled to go on sale for £180 next month and will face fierce competition from a number of similar-price competitors and other devices such as top end mobile phones - although unlike the MS100, you are unlikely to find a 35x digital zoom and an onboard MPEG-2 encoder.