Oops - WhiteHouse.org Hacked - malware infections a-gogo

It seems that WhiteHouse.org, the parody Web site of President George W Bush, has been hacked, resulting in visitors to the site getting an automatic malware drop.

According to Trend Micro, which discovered the infection, the Web site has been infected with obfuscated (hidden) JavaScript code which auto-downloads a Trojan to the user's PC.

The interesting aspect of this malware is that the download auto-triggered when users visited the page when the site was infected.

I've noticed this a few times when looking at emails in my spam/security/quarantine file over the last few weeks. My IT security software kicks in and warns me that an infected download is in progress and auto-quarantines the file.

This is fine if your security software is up to date, but if you've got an older basic anti-virus application, you could be in trouble.

It's worth updating your IT security software to counter this new problem and, as I've said before, if you use packages like ZoneAlarm and AVG from Grisoft, it won't cost you anythng other the cost of the download of the software...