Panda Targets Small and Mid-sized Businesses With New Security Service

Panda security has launched a new security-as-a-service for antimalware service for small to mid-sized businesses, which facilitates remote management via a web-based interface.

In addition to software distribution carried out in house with the help of dedicated equipment, Panda Security has launched a new security-as-a-service for antimalware service.

Didier Guibal, President of Panda Security, USA, said that this security software works best for small to mid-sized businesses.

The distribution of Panda’s security software application begins with the installation of the image at the Panada Security data centers and ends in the fully-fledged installation of the software on a customer’s desktop computer.

Guibal said that this new security software will gives its customers the ability to have an anti-virus solution that is easy to install and run through the administrative management control via a web-based interface.

The user desktop needs to be equipped with a small software agent in order to be able to use the Panda security service.

The security service has a host of remote management tools that allow the supervisors or managers to carry out a wide variety of tasks, such as changing user profiles, scanning for malware, tracking IP addresses, and controlling the email protection and firewall settings, remotely for each computer.

The other vendors that offer security as a service packages include McAfee, IBM, and MessageLabs.