Video on Demand Fails To Quash VHS Challenge

The results of a national survey produced by Ericsson Owned Redback Networks found out that more than half of UK citizens watch 10 hours or more of video on demand or recorded TV weekly.

Women are more likely to watch delayed television than their male counterparts while young adults - between 25 and 34 - area least likely to watch on demand or recorded material; a rather surprising result since this age range is the most tech-savvy and time poor.

The survey, carried out by Yougov, was based around questioning people over their viewing habits and their favourite TV shows.

It also underlined the fact that VHS technology is still very much en vogue when it came to recording programmes to be watched later; 27 percent of respondents where still using tape-based recorders with another 22 percent using Sky + to record their shows and movies.

Online catch up services such as BBC's iPlayer and Proprietary Video On Demand are account for 27 percent of the market.

Intriguingly, nearly 10 percent of those questioned said that they watch shows on mobile devices which shows that lounge-bound and mobile time-shift devices can both be useful.