We're Not Affected By Advertisement Slump says Google

Google’s co-founder says that Google’s ad revenue will not be adversely affected during an economic downturn at a networking event held in Europe.

Sergey Brin, co-founder of Google, said at Google's annual zeitgeist networking event in Europe that the Internet search giant will live through the recent sharp downturn in advertising spending, and that instead of losing advertisers, it stands to gain more advertisement spending.

Brin then went on to say that the company’s ‘metrics driven’ platform is soon becoming the absolute favourite advertising destination for most companies going through a lean period since it lets the advertisers easily count the number of hits that they get on their web sites and see the effectiveness of their ad campaigns for themselves.

He illustrated his statements with the example of US Airlines, saying that after 9/11, though the airlines was going through rough weather, it increased its spending with Google.

The co-founder of Google concluded by saying that during financially lean times, advertisers become more investment driven, and Google caters to this need for ‘value for money’.

Google's annual zeitgeist networking event was attended by 350 of Europe’s most influential political and business personalities, including Prime Minister Gordon Brown.

Google’s other co-founder Larry Page was also heard commenting on the potential Microsoft-Yahoo deal by saying that 'It's exciting to have a horse race. The Internet is still a wide open space.'