Another pub ponder – What happened to Nokia 7k innovation?

Meeting an industry mate in a London pub we got around to wondering which handset works best with Opera 4.1.

The Treo 680 has a great screen but is just too square, the SE P990i is much more sensitive to the touch, whilst Opera Mini renders pages on the Nokia 7710 as if using a UMPC.

For a 3 year mobile with a 640 * 320 touch screen the 7710 is not even surpassed by the iPhone.

But for a range that introduced WAP (Nokia 7110), Smartphones (Nokia 7650), Touch screen (7710), and wheel dial (7280), the latest 7k are all about style not leading edge technology.

So in the spirit of the 7650, let’s hope Nokia’s next 7k model introduces us to the S60 touch UI spiced with a touch of glamour. June would be nice.