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Facebook Traffic Decreased by 10% in April; is the bubble bursting?

The most popular social networking website in the US, Facebook, is losing some of its allure. According to the latest statistics, the number of unique hits on this site fell from 24.9 million in March to 22.4 million in April.

According to the latest statistics from Nielson online, Facebook, the most popular social networking website in the US, is losing some of its charm.

The figures showed a significant decrease in the month-over-month number of unique visitors to Facebook in the US.

In March, the number of unique visits to the site was 24.9 million; however, in April, the website could attract only 22.4 million unique visitors.

Even the year over year increase in the traffic came down from an impressive 98% to a modest 56% in April.

Facebook’s competitor MySpace also experienced a slight fall in traffic (from 60.3 million to 58.7 million unique hits), while LinkedIn moved up the popularity charts with 8.6 million unique hits in April as compared to the 7.8 million in March.

While past falls in Facebook traffic have been more seasonal than anything else, showcasing the trend for that part of the year for all social networking sites, the reason for the current decline is not clear as some of the site’s competitors have experienced a
good growth in the same month.

In order to tackle this decline, Facebook has planned to revert to its most alluring feature - simplicity; it is going to unveil the re-designed user profiles soon, which will help clear up most of the clutter that seems to have loaded up Facebook since it launched its application platform.

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