Flash Drives to Become Much Cheaper in the Near Future

Come 2010 and enterprise flash drives would cost almost the same as their fibre channel drives, according to a prediction by the storage giant EMC.

EMC has declared flash drives as the future of enterprise storage and has been promoting these drives at its user conference in Las Vegas.

The President of the EMC storage division, Dave Donatelli said that flash drives are the most significant announcement that EMC made this year.

Further, Donatelli predicted that the cost of this revolutionary drives would decrease substantially in the near future, making them as affordable as fibre channel storage.

Donatelli was heard saying that the price of flash technology is decreasing faster than the price of fibre channel drives, and by 2010, he expects that the two would cost the same.

Flash drives are better storage devices as they use flash memory to store data, whereas conventional hard drives use mechanically rotating discs; they also consume 38 percent less power than the rotating discs.

However, currently, flash drives cost about 30 times more than the conventional hard drives.

According to Donatelli, this would soon change; he said that the EMC is trying hard to bring down the price of flash drive as quickly as possible.