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State of Broadband in UK : What the Ofcom report didn't tell you

While the Ofcom report released yesterday depicts a rosy picture for broadband in the country, there are a few worrying grey areas which it did not unfortunately cover.

While the UK average of homes with broadband has now reached 57 percent, this means that more than two out of five homes are still without broadband for a number of reasons.

Price has been put forward as a possible obstacle to broadband adoption across the country; but then, with most major service providers offering packages under £10 a month (ed: Carphone Warehouse offers free broadband with their phone package), the argument now sound hollow.

Similarly, 3G technology means that even if homes are not connected, users can access internet wirelessly for as little as £5.

In effect then, it is more a matter of "don't wanna" rather than affordability; the gap between PC Penetration in the UK and internet broadband is still significant, probably hovering around 13 percent based on Ofcom estimates.

Most importantly though is the issue of speed; people living in rural areas are far more likely to live further away from telephone exchanges, which translates into much lower speeds compared to their urban counterparts.

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