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Who’s who in your data centre? Implementing the right recruitment processes

A good recruitment process is important for data centres. Employers generally spend a lot of time vetting CVs to ensure that applicants have the appropriate skills and experience to do the job for which they are applying, but how often are references (opens in new tab) actually taken up, or an investigation made into the reason someone left their last post?

Then there is the issue of third party staff. Most commercial data centre operators, whether co-location, hosting or managed services providers, use third party maintenance engineers.

How are these staff vetted? Consider this scenario. A commercial data centre operator has decided, not unreasonably, that they will outsource the mechanical and electrical maintenance to a third party specialist.

Contract terms are negotiated, SLAs agreed and the pricing is acceptable to both parties. The third party maintenance company then goes out to an agency to recruit staff at the cheapest possible rate.

Our data centre operator now has a third party maintenance company, about who’s staff they know nothing, recruiting staff through an agency, about who they know nothing.

If this sounds far fetched, look again - in many of London’s larger data centres this isn’t just a ‘scenario’, it’s reality!

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