YouTube Tops the Popularity Charts in the UK

According to UK data for April 2008 released by Nielsen Online, YouTube is the most popular social media site in the UK.

This website has managed to retain its position at the top for the seventh consecutive month.

Facebook came in second by clocking up more than 10 million unique visitors in a single month, which makes it the second online social media brand to achieve this feat; YouTube had first crossed this number in November 2007.

Compared to April 2007, the list of the top 10 social media sites in the UK has a few new entries such as Slide and Wordpress, where the old favourites such as Google Video (which fell from the 8th to the 20th position) and Friends Reunited (that dropped from number 10 to 14) lost badly.

Alex Burmaster, the European Internet Analyst at Nielsen Online, said that though social media is undoubtedly the ‘in-thing’ of the web at the moment, even the leading players cannot afford to sit back and enjoy their glory.

He went on to say that the Internet is extremely competitive, which is apparent from the fact that even the most popular sites have experienced failure at retaining users’ interest over the last year.