Strong partnership between Intel and Asus become very obvious and as a result of good collaboration between them, ASUS made Asus P5Q Pro motherboard based on new Intel’s logic controller under the name of P45. Before any further information about this motherboard, we’ll first make a glance at new chipset and its possibilities.

We would lie if we would tell you that we expected from Intel to launch some new logic controller after X48 chipset (our expectations were more pointed to new logic controller solutions for Nehalem processor). We got the feeling that Intel wanted to complete the cycle for processors based on Core architecture.

It was logical that X48 is last of its kind. But it seems that logic was lost along the way, but fortunately technology wasn’t. As a matter of fact, P45 is officially first chipset made in new 65nm lithography. That unmistakably guarantees less warming up and higher OC potential.

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