A New Rating System for Downloadable Movies and Games

BBFC has announced that it will launch a new voluntary scheme, which will be called, that would allow it to apply its rating system to downloadable movies and videogames.

Further, it was announced that companies such as 20th Century Fox, Warner Bros, and Walt Disney Studios had already signed up for and more than 600 downloadable movies and videogames had already been given the BBFC ratings certificates.

Although will rate a wide range of online content, it will not censor the Internet; it will also not rate online games such as World of Warcraft.

The head of policy at the BBFC, Peter Johnson said that BBFC is already in talks with all major companies dealing in such online content to sign up with this new ratings system.

He said that if a company is delivering a game or a movie via the internet instead of using the more conventional forms of delivery such as mail order, then it can sign up for the ratings system; however, the new system is not applicable to games hosted online.

In order to add to Johnson’s comments, David Cooke, Director, BBFC, said that BBFC will have to work collaboratively with PEGI Online in order to provide a better rating system for online games.