Channel 4 Uses Flash Player to Stream Content

This week saw the launch of Channel 4’s news catchup service that lets users catch up with Channel 4 News programmes that were broadcast in the last seven days.

This service is available through the channel’s website and uses an embedded flash player similar to that used by the BBC iPlayer for streaming the media content.

Earlier, Channel 4 had launched their 4oD service that required special software that was compatible only with the Microsoft Windows platform and hence did not achieve the kind of success that was expected.

This time round, Channel 4 has decided to fix this problem, and its news catchup service is multi-platform, meaning that it is available directly in the web browsers of Linux-, Mac-, and Windows-based computers.

The news catchup service will not only provide the users an opportunity to catch up with the channel’s news of the past seven days but also provide key interviews and content from More4 News and News at Noon that could be viewed separately.

It is also expected that the channel will also put up its 4oD content on this new streaming service and allow more potential viewers access to it.

Since ease of use is a key criterion that sees to the growth of any service today, it is not surprising to see that Channel 4 and other content providers are following the BBC iPlayer’s strategy and providing flash-based players for streaming their content in order to increase their viewership.