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Samsung launches its iPhone killer, the F480

Samsung will launch its most impressive iPhone wannabee phone yet in a few weeks' time; the SGH-F480 has some very impressive specifications that put the current iPhone to shame.

The F480 has a 2.8-inch touchscreen, marginally smaller compared to the iPhone's, but it should still be able to display 240x320 pixels.

Other features include a part-leather back, HSDPA connectivity up to 7.2mbps, a 5-megapixel camera with image stabilisation and autofocus, haptic feedback and FM Radio, which altogether makes it comparable to the one-year old LG Viewty.

The F480 also boosts MP3 and WMA support as well as video editing features.

The phone only has 232MB worth of internal memory, although the microSD slot willl bump this to more than 8GB, even more than the entry level iTouch, and appears to be about the size of a credit card - if you're wondering, the diagonal dimension of a debit/credit card is roughly 3.7-inch.

Orange has already posted the F480 on their site as a "coming soon" item. Will that be enough to stop Apple from taking the title of best Phone of 2008? Stay tune!!