US Still Accounts For 20 Percent Of Total UK Q1 Spam

A survey released by Anti-spam company Clearmymail showed that the US still occupies the top spot amongst the countries sending spam to UK email accounts.

According to the report, despite falling by almost a third since last year, 20 percent of UK Spam come from across the pond while more than 15 percent of all UK Spam actually originate from local servers.

Uruguay is a surprising third in a list that contains Turkey, Russia, Spain, Poland, China, France and Germany in descending order of importance.

The increased presence of European spammers could hint at a change in strategy with criminals being more targeted and trying to maximise the results of rogue email blasts.

The report also found out that the Abbey is the most phished company in the UK with a five fold increase in the past three months; financial institutions like Paypal and Nationwide make up the rest of the top 10.

Clearmymail revealed in the same survey that Internet Service Provider Orange users are the most likely to receive Spam or virus-laden emails with a 96 percent average spam rate.