The £5 Hop1800 disposable mobile phone gets launched

Its creators call it the Anti-iPhone and it is easy to see why, the Hop1800 mobile phone is as basic as it can get with a suggested retail price of $10 (£5).

It will be available at launch in worldwide and is one of many cellphones that have been designed for only one purpose : making phone calls only.

The Hop1800 does not even come with a screen and will be sold unlocked; at 77 grams, it offers four hours talk time, 150 hours of standby time - although you won't be able to visualise your remaining battery life - and polyphonic ring times.

Its keypad buttons have Braille markings and two versions of the phone will be available to cater for a worldwide audience.

The company is also considering a "recycle-a-phone" scheme where owners would be encouraged to send back their old HOP1800 phones and get a $5 rebate.

However, HOP-On is not the only handset manufacturer which is planning to exploit the booming market of developing countries and backup handsets and as we wrote earlier in April, the Hop-1800 will face very serious competition from the likes of Sagem and Nokia which launched a few £5 mobile phones with colour screen.