Asus Triton 77 Review

Just what do you do? There are so many on the market, it makes your head swim. Fan sizes ranging from 80mm to 140mm, heatpipes in all manner of configurations, copper, aluminum and hybrids. So, what is best for you? It all really comes down to performance and/or noise for most people.

If you are staying with a stock (choke, cough, spit) system and need some piece of mind, a quiet replacement would be just fine. How about the all-out overclocker that pushes the limits? Noise falls to the wayside as just another item that does not matter in the quest for those last few MHz.

So where does the Asus Triton 77 fall between these two extremes? Let's see if it belongs with the stock replacement crowd, or whether it can meet the demands of the enthusiast.

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