Microsoft Acquires Desktop Virtualization Firm, Kidaro

Microsoft announced that its acquisition of Kidaro, the company that makes the desktop virtualization tool, will become a part of the Windows Optimized Desktop for the Enterprise division of the company; this acquisition will help Microsoft provided desktop virtualization instead of its traditional operating system virtualization.

A description on Kidaro’s website reads that desktop virtualization will allow for the encapsulation of the entire desktop computer, with the operating system, tools, applications, and data, into a virtual system that could be operated on any computing platform as an isolated workspace.

Shanen Boettcher, General Manager of Windows Product Management for Enterprises, said that with this technology, companies will be able to add flexibility to their desktop environment, enabling user access to any computer linked to the corporate network and having a similar environment, while helping the IT department to minimise costs and deliver applications and data services that comply with the company’s data security and regulatory requirements.

With this acquisition, Microsoft will be able to offer its users a whole new set of benefits, which includes hardware independence, simplified desktop management, improved application compatibility, improved security, and enhanced mobility.