Online VoIP Technology Could Challenge Skype Hegemony

A Belgium startup, Androme NV, has launched a new Flash-to-SIP gateway which aims at bridging the gab between browser-based applications and the world of Voice over IP.

The new technology will enable zero-install usage of video telephony features in Flash enabled web applications which is a step closer to the full integration of VoIP with your browser.

The motivation lies in the popularity of Adobe Flash and VoIP applications like Skype which together have hundreds of millions of computer users.

Flash has been the key catalyst to the propagation of internet video applications because it is a multi platform solution that can be easily deployed.

The Intellivic Flash-to-SIP Gateway is building upon this reality to allow application developers to incorporate video telephony more freely into their Flash enabled web applications.

Traditional web-based applications currently may have video telephony integrated into their core functionalities but still require a user to install video telephony software, be it as a plug-in.

The new Intellivic Flash-to-SIP Gateway enables end-users to start using video telephony without installing anything specific on their computers; thus placing video telephony more within reach of all.

Applications that benefit from using the Intellivic Flash-to-SIP Gateway lie in the areas of professional consultancy services, call centers, remote medical assistance, home or office surveillance, e-learning and entertainment.