Rumour Mill : iPhone's to offer 42mbps connectivity

Yet another rumour to be added to the iPhone saga; a new version of the phone, to be launched by Christmas, could offer a data transfer speed of 42mbps, which would make it faster than most broadband connections.

Channelnews Australia reports that, according to a senior executive at one of Apple Inc.’s partners, Australian networks, the forthcoming 3G iPhone from Apple will offer data transfer speeds that would be faster than those offered by most broadband providers.

The executive said that his company has already had a glimpse of this phone and that the new iPhone will be available in the Australian market right after its launch in the USA.

“By Christmas, this phone will be capable of 42Mbps, making it faster than a lot of broadband offerings and the fastest iPhone on any network in the world,” said the executive.

This amazing data transfer speed would be made possible by the fact that the new phones will support the 3G standard, HSDPA+ (High-Speed Downlink Packet Access).

As of now, iPhone is capable of a data transfer speed of 14.4Mbps; however, the network has already committed to provide support for a data transfer speed of 21Mbps by the end of the year and that of 42Mbps for phones compatible with HSPA+ (also known as Evolved HSPA or HSPA Evolution) by 2009.

This revelation suggests that iPhone will provide higher data transfer speeds to Australian users much sooner than was originally promised (ed: whether users will actually be able to use the iPhone as an external modem is something else)