Samsung Steel to Arrive in the UK in June 2008

June 2008 will see the launch of the new Samsung steel in the UK; this phone will come with an exclusive contact with Vodafone.

Though the phone looks similar to the recently introduced Samsung Soul that has an interactive touch window, it has enough variation to please a Samsung lover.

Samsung Steel would come equipped with 3MP camera (maybe even 3.2MP for that extra bit of quality) with autofocus, HSDPA, and Bluetooth; there has been no information about whether the phone will support A2DP.

The phone’s stereo Bluetooth would be supported by microSD memory capabilities that could be expanded up to 8GB.

Though the phone will not be revolutionary, it will definitely be a piece of style that you can hold in your hand.

Mark Mitchinson, VP, Samsung Mobile UK and Ireland, said that with the new Samsung Steel, the company wants to provide its users a multimedia handset that would have a premium feel and a timeless appeal.

This phone will provide faster connectivity than the existing Samsung models and will look and feel more expensive that what the price tag would read.

In all, this phone is designed specifically for the ‘style-conscious Samsung user’.