Alton Towers Resort Says ‘Absolute NO’ to PDAs

In an effort to ensure that parents spend more time with their children, the theme park Alton Towers Resort has imposed a pilot ban on the use of personal digital assistants (PDAs) on the park’s premises until June 2008. (ed: PDA's are already obsolete, are they planning to ban Smartphones as well?)

The resort aims at creating a PDA-free zone and will have ‘PDA police’ patrolling the premises, ensuring that no one is using his/her PDA instead of having a great time with his/her family.

People found using their PDAs will be asked to deposit the devices at one of the five PDA Drop Off Zones; they can collect their PDAs on their way out of the resort.

Russell Barnes, divisional director for the Alton Towers Resort, said that Alton aims at creating ‘the ultimate short break location where every member of the family can unwind and have fun’ and therefore he says that the resort is prepared to take even certain drastic measures to ensure that parents leave their work behind.

The PDA ban in the resort is based on the research findings that state that children are tired of having their parents spend more time reading emails than playing with them, even on holidays; almost 56% of the UK parents interviewed for the survey said that they had to be accessible by the office all the time, and 40% said that they go on holidays with important documents to read, laptops, and PDAs.

If this pilot is a success, Alton plans to impose this ban permanently.