Apple Could Displace Consumer Brands In Most Households By 2013

According to the analysts at Forrester Research, Apple products will become the hub of all homes that decide to go digital.

Apple aims to provide eight key products and services that would connect digital content and PCs to a HDTV-stereo-based audio-visual infrastructure in most homes.

The analysts say that Apple TV could get both TiVo-like recording capability and Blu-ray to offer high definition services even though both these features are in stark contrast to the objective of the selling and renting of digital content by the iTunes Store.

Later, the analysts expect Apple Inc. to move into the market of HDTVs and may even come up with a home server that would be able to stream video and audio to these Apple TVs; they say that Apple Inc. is on its way to becoming a consumer electronics company.

There are also talks of the AppleSound remote that would control all audio streaming devices in the house through a multi-touch or a voice-activated interface.

Apple may even make digital picture frames with speakers and clock radios that stream music and video.

At the rate at which Apple Inc. seems to be growing, it would not be surprising if we have 'Apple households' by the year 2013.