Exam Board Employs Gizmos to Stop Cheating

High-tech gadgets will be used again this year to thwart attempts to cheat on the GCSE and the A-level exams this summer.

Last year, the hi-tech approach of the Edexcel exam board, which included the electronic tagging of question papers, stopped students from cheating on the exams.

As the exam season is almost here, the board is planning to employ some more gadgets to deter students from cheating.

Some officials from the board said that this year, the names of schools will be invisibly written by using microtext between single letters of the exam papers; doing this will effectively watermark the papers, and since the microtext cannot be photocopied, the watermarking will help prove that they are genuine and also allow the papers to be traced back to the respective schools in the case of a security breach.

Further, the bags carrying the exam papers would be fitted with radio tags before dispatching them to the schools, and exam chiefs will be able to scan the exam papers from a remote location to ensure that they are not tampered with.

A lot of other such measures have also been planned out, and the board believes that these efforts would go a long way in deterring students from cheating on exams as the chances of their getting away with it have fallen dramatically.