New Router Allows Wireless Sharing Option for 3G Mobile Broadband

Network specialist Billion has introduced a brand new piece of kit which will allow users to share their mobile broadband connection simply by plugging your USB dongle into the device; in this case a wireless router.

The BiPAC 7402GXL, which costs a shade under £100, also doubles as a bog standard wireless ADSL2+ modem with 4 ports and an auto-failover mode that acts as a backup option should your ADSL line fail.

The device is compatible with all mobile broadband providers on the market and supports download speeds up to 14.4Mbps delivered via 3G/HSDPA, EDGE, UMTS or GPRS networks.

The BiPAC 7402GXL can also encode all 802.11g wireless LAN transmissions with either WEP or WPA encryption to ensure that your data is protected, and boasts a DHCP Server and a powerful SPI firewall to protect against intruders and most known Internet attacks.

It is unknown whether the wireless router could accommodate more than one USB dongle at a time to increase the speed of the connection.