NZ fruit Web site was too juicy

I'm indebted to the New Zealand Herald for reporting on the fact that a Web site on packs of mandarins sold in supermarkets down under apparently contained a pr0n link on the carton.

What seems to have happened is that the Munch Island company appears to have listed a .com address instead of the address.

This meant that eight-year-old Levi Finer ended up on a site advertising links that included gems such as hot gay bareback pr0n and onefreeporn DVD, instead of details of how to eat healthily.

Fortunately for Levi, her 17-year-old sister clicked off the site and then tried to work out what had gone wrong.

Mrs Finer (the mum) phoned FreshMax to complain, but was told that the site appeared to have been hacked and, instead of redirecting to the domain, displayed pr0n rubbish.

Fresh Max MD Peter Smith is quoted as saying that a set of old labels had been used on one batch of mandarins in error and the firm regretted the mistake.

He said the offensive site was shut down within 24 hours.

Try telling that to Mrs Levi...